360 Pacifica  is a global Real Estate and Infrastructure company with unique capabilities in the planning, development, and operation  of large-scale projects. Our execution, structuring and risk management expertise enables competitive financing of projects. 360 provides Institutional  Asset Management services with over $15 Billion of project management experience in Asia, The Americas and  Europe.   



Vision, Optimization, Strategic Capital, Realization

We are ‘value investors’ focused on opportunistic real estate and infrastructure assets. We have the vision, execution capabilities and operating skills required to optimize targeted assets. We employ institutional quality research and analytics in underwriting potential transactions leading to optimized financings. Our integrated business model delivers the expertise and resources to drive value enhancement throughout the asset lifecycle.


Global Financial Solutions

Our unique capabilities in tailoring structured financings and hybrid financial platforms to the specific requirements of a project optimizes asset values while mitigating inherent risk to stakeholders.

Working with our International Capital Partners we have the resources to specifically address individual Client/Partner requirements with efficient structured solutions that meet overall Lender – Investor objectives. 360 Asset Management assures that asset values are protected and enhanced long-term.



A wholistic vision in the creation of sustainable Capital Asset strategies leveraging market proven Financial Solutions, tailor-made Development, Strategic Operations, & Asset Management solutions focused on long-term value creation

  • 1
    Real Estate Optimization Services Platform
    A vertically integrated professional services platform providing project Feasibility Analytics, Strategic Master Planning, and optimal Project Market Positioning Strategies
  • 2
    Operations & Execution Resources
    A seasoned Management Team with core expertise in the development, operation and execution of complex mixed use real estate and infrastructure projects globally
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    Global Asset Management
    Active Asset Management resources focused on the optimization and protection of Real Estate, Infrastructure and Operational Asset Values
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    Global Financial Resources
    Financial solutions tailored to individual project requirements; Acquisitions, M&A, Distressed Assets Project Re-structuring, Project Optimization and Strategic Exits


 An Integrated Financial Services Platform


360 Pacifica drives Off-Market deal flow from diverse global networks. This qualified deal origination process is a significant market advantage


Disciplined institutional quality underwriting isolates risk and qualifies underlying transactional economic fundamentals. A value based methodology assures highest & best returns to Stakeholders


Bondability, Issuance of Securities for Subscriptions, Formation of Dividend Returns, Integrated Credit Enhancement. Value Model stress testing and transactional formation


Risk Transfer & Management, Taxation Management, Hedge Risks, Repatriations & Fund Management, supported by ongoing Active Asset Management protects value long-term


Implementation of Operational & Management Plans focused on Underlying Asset Performance & Sustainability. Exit Strategy Management and Value Creation Model
360Pacifica offers institutional quality, ‘Active Asset Management’ Services assuring Investors achieve optimal performance with their real estate & infrastructure assets. 360 provides a fully integrated capabilities in deploying meaningful enhancements in technology, advanced infrastructure, target market positioning and enhanced operational performance.
We deliver market sensitive management solutions across the real estate and infrastructure sectors, this includes, mixed-use, commercial, recreational commercial, hospitality, residential, and infrastructure such as energy, water and transportation…


Infrastructure Platform

360 Pacifica brings sophisticated and informed expertise in Infrastructure development, operations and finance. An investment strategy built on Sustainable Infrastructure in well structured annuity asset class markets delivers resilient risk-adjusted returns to our institutional investor platforms.


360 Pacifica’s extensive experience in the development of mixed-use real estate provides for the efficiencies, security and risk mitigation that our investors, partners and clients demand. Our expertise assures engagement of the very best Professionals in the planning and execution of projects. From Project Envisioning and Entitlements through to full Operational status, 360 Pacifica is focused on delivering on plan, on schedule and on budget.




  • Infrastructure Management & Operations
  • Green Energy; Solar & Wind Power
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Facilities Management
  • Township/City Management & Operations
  • Specialty Recreational Venues
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Legal & Accounting
  • Feasibility and Evaluation
  • Government Relations
  • Environmental Services
  • Project Governance

Luxury Real Estate

360 is a global leader in the Luxury Real Estate sector. Hospitality, Residential and Commercial Retail Luxury Clients demand exceptional value in Real Estate products and services. 360 offers Global experience  in the successful design, development and operation of high end projects. Our partners include: Four Seasons, Ritz Carleton, JW Marriott, Rosewood,  MGM, Fairmont, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Rolex and Sotheby’s.



Commercial & Retail

360 Pacifica provides experienced market focused resources within the mixed-used Commercial & Retail Real Estate sectors; From Resort & Recreational, to Urban – City Center based developments, 360’s Strategically deployed Commercial & Experiential Infrastructure capabilities drives tangible long-term real estate value and enhanced financial performance.

Competitive Advantage
Our unique integrated platform means we have the in-house resources to respond to challenges and opportunities in a tactical manner.
  • 1.
    Depth of experience
    Our ability to add value to a project lies in our integrated platform. We deliver highly trained professionals 
in conjunction with proven process optimization focused on maximization of owner returns and long-term value preservation.
  • 2.
    Bold Thinking
    We continually invest in research and product development, we are leaders in process management, professional practices and the innovation of technical practices that have become standard in the business of global real estate and infrastructure asset management. We employ the latest technological advances and strategic solutions in market intelligence, strategic planning, and overall project execution.
  • 3.
    Organizational Strength
    Our integrated platform brings broad based expertise across the entire spectrum of Asset Management, this includes project development, planning, underwriting, market positioning, operations, financing and ongoing asset management. The breadth of our experience enables us to develop comprehensive and cross-functional solutions focused on project-specific needs for our clients and stakeholders around the globe.
  • 4.
    Trusted Partnerships
    360 AMI works with highly qualified professional firms and leading global brands in building 'highest and best use' solutions tailored to project requirements. Our relationships are based upon trust, market proven expertise and successful track records. Our 360's Professional Teams provide targeted solutions providing efficiency and enhanced performance.
  • 5.
    Disciplined Process
    360 AMI is a knowledge-based enterprise specializing in the strategic positioning of infrastructure and real estate projects in meeting with peak market demand. We are a metrics driven organization with superior skills in the underwriting, planning and optimizing of complex projects.